The Loeries Young Titans Award is free to enter - the Loeries Young Titans Award honours the most talented young minds in our industry. If you turn 27 during 2023/2024, or are younger, then you are eligible to enter

Only permanent residents of Africa & the Middle East are eligible for entry.

Work entered here can also be entered in the main categories where eligible.




Loeries Young Titans Award


  • You must turn 27 during 2023/2024, or be younger, to be eligible.
  • Entrants must submit no more than 5 examples of their professional work from the last three years. Please note: A campaign with multiple elements will count as 1 example of work.
  • All creative work must be submitted in JPEGS, Video and/or Audio.
  • All the work in your portfolio must have been approved by the appropriate Brand Representative, and must have been commercially exposed (e.g. flighted, built, distributed, etc.) to a substantial audience. Student work and concepts may not be entered.
  • Please indicate what your contribution to the work was, e.g. copywriting. Especially when submitting big campaigns.
  • ·   Loeries Young Titans PDF must ONLY include:

o   A written reference supporting your entry provided by your Creative Director or equivalent supervisor.

o   A full resume, including your contact details, employment history, and a summary of your last three years working experience, including awards won, showing us why you should be considered for the Loeries Young Titans Award.

o   Supply proof of your age (copy of a South African identity document, any Passport, or birth certificate).

o   Contact details of three professional references, i.e. people who have worked with you.


• Loeries Young Titans PDF and

• JPEGS and/or

• Overview Video and/or

• Original Content Video and/or

• Audio


• Video 30s edit